Collin County Arrest Warrants

Your world can come crashing down around you if you are named is an open arrest warrant in Collin County or elsewhere in Texas. That warrant may enable a sheriff to arrest you at your home or place of work, even if it is for a minor matter. If you know or believe that law enforcement authorities have issued a Collin County arrest warrant for you, call the criminal defense lawyers at the Peveto Law Office in Plano. We will verify the validity of that warrant and the circumstances that led up to it, and we will help you respond to that warrant with minimal interruptions in your daily life.

An Explanation of the Different Types of Collin County Warrants

You will see references to many different types of warrants, including, for example, search, alias, and fugitive warrants. The two types of Collin County active warrants that will concern you most are arrest warrants and bench warrants.

  • Law enforcement authorities will issue an arrest warrant for you if they have reason to believe that you committed a crime. That belief can be based on statements from witnesses, physical evidence collected at a crime scene, or surveillance cameras.
  • Judges will issue a bench warrant if you fail to appear at a scheduled court date, if you miss a child support payment, or you do not pay a fine for matters such as traffic tickets. Police are less likely to actively pursue you on a bench warrant, but they will arrest you if they stop you for an unrelated matter and discover that you have an open bench warrant against you.

How to Search for Collin County Warrant Information

The Sheriff’s Office maintains a public database of Collin County warrant information, as do other Texas municipalities. You can search for your own name on their websites, but be aware that those websites may not be fully up-to-date. Further, the information you receive will vary from county to county. An arrest or bench warrant that has just been issued may not appear on a website for 24 hours or more, and you may need to check the website a few times over several days to verify if you have been named in a warrant.

You can also call or go directly to a Sheriff’s office to ask if a warrant has been issued in your name. You will likely be arrested if there is an open warrant for you. In any case, your better course of action is to retain a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can verify any Collin County warrant information, as well as active or open warrants in other jurisdictions.

Responding to Collin County Active Warrants

The two worst responses you can have when you discover that there is an active warrant in your name are first, to panic, and second, to ignore the warrant altogether. Panicking can cause you to act against your interest, and ignoring the warrant will not make it go away. A more reasoned response is to contact a qualified criminal law attorney who will be a strong advocate for your interests.

For a simple bench warrant that was issued following a missed court date or traffic violation, your attorney may be able to file an appearance on your behalf and negotiate a payment of any outstanding fines or fees. Arrest warrants for serious matters will likely require you to surrender, but your attorney may be able to negotiate a time and date for your surrender and request a fast court appearance. This will give you an opportunity to arrange for bail payments and possibly to avoid longer periods of detention before you are released on bail.

Regardless of whether you contact an attorney, you should avoid certain activities if an existing arrest or bench warrant has been issued in your name:

  • Do not leave the State of Texas or attempt to travel internationally. These actions may be perceived as an attempt to flee, which will make your situation more difficult to handle.
  • Do not enter a military base or installation, even if you have authorization to do so. Under military and other laws, your access to military installations can be revoked if you enter one while an active arrest warrant has been issued in your name.
  • Be wary of advice that you receive from family and friends. A well-meaning family member might tell you a story about a situation that is similar to yours and suggest that your matter can be handled the same way. No two arrest warrants are treated identically, and you cannot assume that you will receive the same consideration as somebody else.

On the Collin County Active Warrant List? Get Experienced Legal in Texas

Texas warrants lawyer Andrew Peveto in Plano represents individuals that have been charged with criminal activity in Collin County and elsewhere in northern Texas. We will conduct a Collin County warrant search on your behalf and advise you on your options for responding if you are the subject of an active arrest or bench warrant.

Please call the Peveto Law Office to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys as soon as is possible if you suspect or know that an active Collin County warrant has been issued in your name.

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