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There has never been a criminal defense case that is completely cut-and-dry, or one that did not require multiple steps to complete. After you have been arrested and charged with a criminal violation, you should find a defense firm that can handle your case from start to finish, no matter how complex things might come to be. At Peveto Law, our Plano criminal defense attorney is proud to be able to supply our client with reliable, trial-tested advocacy in a variety of services that run the gamut of criminal defense cases, both typical and anything but.

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Legal Support from A-to-Z

Providing criminal defense services is not just showing up to court or a hearing, arguing for a client for twenty minutes, and then calling it a day. Truly beneficial advocacy will go above and beyond what is expected, doing everything possible to help a client in need. At Peveto Law, high caliber service is what you can expect.

Take a look at some of the services our Plano criminal defense lawyer can offer:

  • Attorney tipsNot ready to dive into your defense just yet? While you should not wait too long, as this gives an advantage to the prosecution, you can take a moment to review some smart tips direct from our lead attorney.
  • ExpunctionsWere you arrested but never convicted? Or convicted and served your due time? Our team can help you remove any trace of the charges by pursuing an expunction or record sealing.
  • FAQEveryone has questions about criminal defense but not everyone has the answers. Luckily, our Plano criminal defense lawyer has provided a frequently asked questions page with useful answers for those in need of immediate insight.
  • Jail releaseHave you been charged with a class A or class B misdemeanor in Collin County? Attorney Andrew Peveto is also a bond lawyer, able to help you get out of jail following an arrest, usually much faster than bail bondsmen!
  • Juvenile casesFor many teenagers and young adults, making mistakes is part of growing up and learning, but a mistake should not follow them for the rest of their lives. Talk to our team if you need legal defense for your child’s juvenile case.
  • NondisclosureWe can help you handle criminal record nondisclosures, effectively causing a judge to dismiss a prior case against you, after you complete a deferred adjudication period.
  • TestimonialsWhat we do at Peveto Law is only useful if our clients are satisfied with our work. We are proud to say that we have collected numerous positive client testimonials throughout the years that speak well on our behalf.
  • WarrantsA weak spot in many criminal prosecutions is the warrant, or the police’s proof that your arrest was valid. We can help you determine if the warrant for your arrest was invalid, and we can help you turn yourself in safely and correctly if there is a valid warrant active with your name on it in Collin Countywarrants in Dallas, or warrants anywhere else in the greater DFW area.

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