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If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony theft charge in Texas, you definitely need legal representation. In this tough economy, you can’t afford NOT to put up a fight. A conviction for a theft-related charge is not something you want on your criminal record because it is considered a crime of moral turpitude, making you practically untouchable to most Texas employers in the DFW area. A theft conviction on your criminal record will greatly limit the type of jobs available to you in the future.

But, with the right attorney, your theft case could result in a “not guilty” finding, case dismissal, charge reduction, deferred adjudication, or other form of case disposal which will allow you to remove this theft arrest from your permanent criminal record by means of an expunction or nondisclosure. At Peveto Law, we will make sure that your criminal record is not permanently ruined – if at all possible.

DFW Theft Lawyer

You owe it to yourself to consult with a reputable Texas theft lawyer before simply pleading guilty to a theft crime in Dallas or Collin County. You may have a legal “way out” of the Texas theft charges you face. Contact Plano criminal theft attorney Andrew Peveto today to evaluate your case. Peveto Law can also arrange for your immediate jail release and/or removal of any outstanding theft-related warrants for your arrest.

At Peveto Law, we have experience making it tough for the State to prove its theft case against you. Whether you need a favorable plea bargain agreement or an aggressive defense at trial, Andrew Peveto is an experienced, compassionate advocate who understands the needs of his clients charged with theft in the DFW area. Mr. Peveto can also represent you if you were previously “put on probation” for a misdemeanor or felony theft charge and your probation is now being revoked or adjudicated. Clients in this situation are typically allowed to continue their deferred adjudication where applicable – remaining eligible to have their theft charges expunged or non-disclosed from their criminal record.

Theft by Check | Theft of Service

Texas theft by check charges and theft of service charges are the most common misdemeanor theft-related cases. Whether charged as a class Aclass Bclass C misdemeanor, or felony – theft charges are often unfair. For some reason, many businesses will prosecute people who wrote a check that bounced, or possibly just totally forgot to pay for a good or service. These businesses often don’t know whether or not the client INTENDED to steal the good or service – as opposed to it being an inadvertent hot check or simple misunderstanding. Simply put, they shouldn’t do that.

Nevertheless, these certain businesses will press theft charges with the Dallas or Collin county district attorney’s office (for example), and the next thing you know a warrant is issued for your arrest on theft charges. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, to be convicted of theft by check or theft of service in Texas, the prosecutors need to show that you acted with “criminal intent” – meaning you knew that your checking account would have insufficient funds – and you wrote the check anyway. Likewise, they would have to prove that you intended to steal a good or service and it wasn’t an accident or misunderstanding.

Credit Card Abuse and Debit Card Abuse

Under Texas law, felony credit card abuse can encompass a wide variety of situations – from allegedly abusing a person’s credit card by using it without their permission – or even simply receiving a collateral benefit from a stolen credit card. But no matter the circumstances, mistakes happen. You owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney and see if there may be a way out.

Credit/Debit card abuse is a state jail felony – which could mean between six months and two years in State Jail – unless you work out some other arrangement with the district attorney’s office or win your case at trial. Ideally, a deal can be worked out where the charges are dismissed, or the offense can be removed from your record through expunction or deferred adjudication. In addition, certain circumstances involved may increase the severity of credit card abuse charges. For example, if the suspect has prior convictions or if the victim was elderly, the abuse of credit card charge is enhanced to a more serious felony.

Contact a Reputable Theft Attorney

With a good DFW theft lawyer like criminal defense attorney Andrew Peveto, you can beat shoplifting, mail theft, Texas theft by check, or theft or service charges – or at least ensure that you don’t have to live with a theft arrest or conviction on your permanent criminal record. If you or a loved one has been arrested on theft charges in McKinney, Dallas, Collin County, or the greater DFW area, contact Peveto Law today for your free consultation. We offer aggressive and effective representation for those arrested for all types of theft-related crimes.

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