Arrested for a Class C Misdemeanor in Plano?

Class C Misdemeanor -Texas Law

A Class C Misdemeanor has a maximum punishment of a $500 fine (no jail) -meaning that it is a fine only offense. Thus, you cannot be sentenced to jail time for a Class C conviction. You can, however, be forced to spend a night in jail if arrested for a Class C offense (at the officer’s discretion).

You may also be arrested and jailed for outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, or for a 3rd intoxication offense by a minor with an underage drinking charge.

The most important thing is to insure that your class C misdemeanor arrest does not appear on your permanent criminal record. A clean record can be obtained through case dismissal, deferred adjudication, or other outcome that will allow the arrest to be expunged.

At Peveto Law, we successfully defend all types of Class C misdemeanors, including:

Plano Class C Misdemeanor Lawyer

Quite frankly, we are usually able to get Class C Misdemeanor Citations dismissed in area municipal courts -such as Plano, Dallas, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, etc… -or by appealing the cases to the county level. Contact us today and see how we can help you with pending Class C Misdemeanor charges in Dallas or Collin County, outstanding warrants, “failure to appear” citations, and recent Class C misdemeanor tickets and/or arrests.

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