Arrested for DWI or charged with another crime in Plano, TX? Criminal Lawyers can proudly defend your constitutional rights and uphold your reputation. If your goal is to avoid a criminal conviction, then contact a Plano criminal defense attorney.

An experienced defense attorney will help you eliminate embarrassing criminal charges.


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Are you facing criminal charges in Plano, Collin County, or the greater Dallas Fort Worth area?

If you have been arrested, a law firm can guide you through the criminal justice system to make sure you are treated fairly. Defend your rights and to preserve your dignity. You deserve an attorney who cares about your future. Call now to discuss your charges.

Criminal Defense & DWI Practice

Many people face criminal law and DWI charges. It’s important to pursue the best possible outcome and find creative solutions that can minimize collateral damage to your life. Your lawyer should aggressively push for a favorable plea deal, or zealously defend you in front of a judge and jury, and also be fighting alongside you through each step.

Criminal Charges in Plano, TX Include:

Facing criminal charges is stressful. You should know the punishment that a first offense DWI in Texas can result in. Your lawyer should employ constant communication to help relieve anxieties so clients can make informed decisions. Your attorney should provide an excellent client experience while pursuing a favorable outcome.

A local attorney can appear in Plano court on your behalf- and represent you with skill and expertise.

If you have a Plano class C Misdemeanor (like a traffic ticket, public intoxication citation, minor in possession, etc …), the charges will be at the Plano Municipal Court. On the other hand, if you were arrested in Plano for a felony, Class B or Class A Misdemeanor, your court case will be held at the Collin County Misdemeanor Courthouse in McKinney, Texas.

6 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Plano, TX

Time is not on your side after an arrest. Take action immediately and contact one of the attorneys below to discuss your charges.

The Shapiro Law Firm

We represent people charged with DWI, drug crimes, sex offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes and other offenses. With our extensive experience in federal and state criminal courts, we have the advocacy skills needed for the toughest cases.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys know that every case is different and the right approach will depend on several factors. When we take on a criminal defense matter, we examine every aspect, such as the admissibility of the evidence and whether we believe we can have the case dismissed on constitutional grounds. Sometimes the best option is to go to trial. –

Crowder Law Firm PC

When you are facing criminal charges of any type, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the practice of the law. When you are facing charges related to a serious crime, you need an attorney with much more than that. You need a lawyer who is strong, fierce, and willing to fight to protect your rights, your reputation, and your future. You need Attorney Darlina Crowder.

Ms. Crowder and the rest of the team at The Crowder Law Firm, P.C. have secured favorable outcomes for clients facing the most serious charges possible, including in several nationally-publicized cases. Over the last two decades, we have obtained more than 250 not-guilty verdicts and acquittals for our clients. If you have been charged with a crime, we are prepared to put our experience and our proven approach to work for you. Call today for a free initial consultation to discuss your case. –

Edgett Law Firm

Bad things happen to good people. No one deserves to go through the criminal justice system alone. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Collin County, Texas, it’s crucial that you find an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you through this difficult time.

If you were arrested or charged with a crime, make the Edgett Law Firm your first call. Our Collin County criminal defense attorneys know how much is at stake and are here to help you fight. Call us at (972) 424-0760 for a free consultation. We’ll review the charges against you, explain your rights, and answer any questions you have. –

Law Office Of J.L. Pierce

Experienced Collin County Criminal Defense and Sex Crimes Attorneys

Prosecutors in Texas are relentless. If you were charged with a crime, you want help from an experienced Plano criminal attorney who knows the system and aggressively fights to obtain the best result possible.

Plano Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of J.L. Pierce, in Plano, Texas, provides experienced and aggressive defense representation for misdemeanor and felony charges in state courts. For more than 25 years, Plano criminal attorney J.L. Pierce has represented adults and juveniles in Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, Allen and surrounding areas. Mr. Pierce has represented business executives, public officials, doctors, attorneys and all kinds of people in high profile and high-stakes matters. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation . –

Dunham & Jones, Experienced & Qualified Texas Criminal Attorneys

Dunham & Jones #1 Goal as your Texas Criminal Defense Attorney is to get your case DISMISSED or REDUCED, so that you can have your arrest recordfingerprints and mugshot removed from public records.  Dunham & Jones offers FREE Consultations and Easy Payment Plans with No Money Down in most cases.  Dunham & Jones believes experienced and quality legal representation should be affordable. Call 214-888-8888 day or night, and even on the weekends, to schedule a FREE consultation. –

J. Michael Price II

At the law office of J. Michael Price II, we think there are some important distinctions that set our service and ability apart from the competition. With thousands of clients defended, our Collin County, Texas, criminal defense lawyer has established an unshakable commitment to providing outstanding and personal criminal defense to our clients.

When you have been accused of a crime, it is normal to feel embarrassed, frustrated or confused about the situation you are in. In this difficult and stressful time, it is important that you work with a criminal defense attorney you can trust. –