When it comes to estate planning in Plano, Tx, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you are young or old, have a small or large estate, live in Texas or another state, have children or not – the best approach to take with respect to your estate planning will vary. However, one thing that all good estate plans have in common is that they are tailored to the unique needs and goals of the individual.

At The Estate Planning Lawyer Plano, we understand that each person’s situation is different and requires a custom approach. Our team of experienced attorneys will work with you to create an estate plan that meets your specific needs and provides peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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Plano Estate Planning Attorney with two clients.Are you a Plano, Texas resident looking for an experienced estate planning lawyer? Look no further! With years of expertise in the estate planning arena, I am capable of providing high-quality service to ensure that your wishes become reality.

My goal is to take the stress and complexity out of dealing with life’s difficult decisions by offering helpful advice and sound legal counsel. I will fully explain the process beginning to end so that you feel more informed and confident about the decisions being made for your future.

Furthermore, I make sure that all relevant estate planning documents are prepared accurately to reflect your requirements. Get in touch today and let me help simplify your estate planning needs!

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Wills, Trust, and Probate Lawyer in Plano

Our law firm is here to help you get all your estate planning affairs in order. We can assist you in creating your will, as well as setting up trusts for greater financial security and asset protection.

Plano Probate Lawyer

Whether you are trying to plan your own future or that of your family, we have the experience needed to make sure the estate planning process goes as smoothly as possible. Let us provide the expertise and guidance you need to craft an estate plan that best meets your individual needs.

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Make a Will in Plano, Tx

Every client has unique needs, which is why we take great pride in creating personalized solutions to meet their individual needs. Our experienced estate planning lawyers understand the nuances of each case and can tailor a plan to ensure that every detail is addressed.

With an emphasis on providing customized solutions in a timely manner, we offer reliable advice and experienced representation so our clients can feel secure in their decisions. At our firm, we strive to provide peace of mind to everyone who seeks legal guidance related to their estate planning matters.

Plano, Tx Elder Law Attorney

Free Consultation Estate Planning Law Firm

Are you ready to take the first step in protecting your family, property and legacy? By scheduling a consultation with us today, we can begin crafting an estate plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our team of experienced Texas probate attorneys have extensive knowledge of trust formation, probate and elder law in Plano, Texas.

We can provide sound advice for living trusts, guardianships, charitable giving strategies and more. With over fifty years of combined experience in estate planning law, you can feel confident that we will develop an effective, customized plan tailored to your specific estate planning goals. Don’t wait – contact us today to get started!

Overall, estate planning can seem complex and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At our law firm in Plano, Texas, we are passionate about helping clients create legally binding and customized estate plans that take into account their individual needs and wishes.

Our experienced attorneys will guide you through this process every step of the way and make sure all your questions are answered. Get started on creating an estate plan for yourself or your family today by scheduling a consultation with us! With our expertise and knowledge of the law, you can count on us to provide you with the best service possible. Let us help you secure your finances and provide peace of mind for yourself and your family.

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Estate Planning FAQ

How much does a Will cost in Plano, Texas?

Every Last Will and Testament may cost more or less to draft depending on the complexity of the document, what assets are being managed thereunder, and the experience of your attorney. It is best to contact an estate planning law firm in Plano to get an accurate estimate of cost.

Do I need a Medical Power of Attorney in Texas?

We typically recommend this document or similar for all clients. You should speak to a lawyer for more detailed explanation of why this document may be vital to your comprehensive estate plan.

Can you Probate my Father's Will in Plano?

We can act as probate attorneys in Plano, Tx. Give us a call and we will get you sorted out.

Best Plano Estate Planning Attorneys

Below with have listed some of the best estate planning lawyers in the Plano, Tx area. Feel free to reach out to any attorney on this page.

Miller Law Office, PLLC

Our experienced elder law and estate planning team will guide you in writing a will, establishing a trust, putting essential documents in place, Medicaid planning, probate and estate administration, and a range of other important tasks. Read at AaronMillerLaw.com.

Crain & Wooley

Have you found yourself mired in the probate process as the executor of a will? Our firm focuses solely on estate planning, including helping you navigate the bureaucratic and perplexing world of probate court. Read at EstatePlanningDFW.law.

Vecchio Bloomenstiel, PLLC

Whether you need help probating a loved one’s estate, administering a trust, or asserting your disputed rights in probate court, our experienced probate lawyers will be with you every step of the way. Read at VBloomLaw.com.

G.J. Chavez & Associates

When a family member passes away in Texas, their estate must typically go through the probate process to properly distribute their assets do beneficiaries, as well as pay necessary taxes. Read at GJChavezLaw.com.