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Texas Misdemeanor Charges -The Law

The Texas Penal Code groups crimes into two categories: misdemeanors and felony charges. Though felonies are more serious than misdemeanors, being arrested on any class A misdemeanor or class B misdemeanor charge can still ruin your life if your case is not handled properly.

What is a Misdemeanor?

In Texas, a “misdemeanor” is defined as a criminal charge that carries a potential jail sentence of less than one year. Texas Misdemeanors are grouped into three categories: Class A, Class B and class C misdemeanors.

Misdemeanor Type Fine max. Imprisonment max.
Class A misdemeanor charges Up to $4,000 Up to 1 year in jail
Class B misdemeanor charges Up to $2,000 Up to 180 days
Class C misdemeanor charges Up to $500 None (fine only)

Class A and class B misdemeanors are the most serious misdemeanor charges under Texas law. Being arrested for a class A or class B misdemeanor offense (such as DWI , theft between $50 and $1,500, assault, and possession of marijuana) can stain your criminal record forever. Accordingly, you need to avoid a conviction if at all possible. Fortunately, most of Mr. Peveto’s clients are eventually able to have their criminal record wiped clean of any class A, class B, or class C misdemeanor arrest. This includes public intoxication tickets and minor alcohol-related tickets such as minor in possession (MIP), minor in consumption (MIC), and DUI (underage drinking).

Misdemeanor Consequences and Penalties

Many Texas misdemeanor laws carry serious repercussions that can be traps for the unwary. For instance, If you are ultimately convicted, you may have to spend time in jail, be on probation, comply with stringent probation requirements, perform community service, attend lengthy classes at your own expense, pay a large fine, and -worst of all -have a criminal record that can kill your ability to obtain gainful employment, rent an apartment, or receive financial aid for school.

Understanding and navigating Texas law regarding misdemeanor laws and the potential consequences can be very tricky. But, we can answer and provide legal council toward all of your misdemeanor case questions at Peveto Law, including such inquiries as:

  • Can Mr. Peveto have my Texas misdemeanor case dismissed?
  • How can my felony charge be reduced to a misdemeanor charge?
  • How can I avoid jail time entirely?
  • What is deferred adjudication and how do I get an nondisclosure or expunction?
  • What of I violate my probation for a misdemeanor offense?
  • Am I eligible for reduction in charges, pretrial diversion (Collin County), or a Memo Agreement (Dallas County)?

Misdemeanors in Collin County

If you are being charged with a Class A or Class B misdemeanor in Collin County or Plano, TX, then your case(s) will be filed with the Collin county misdemeanor courts located at 2100 Bloomdale Road in McKinney, Texas. There are 6 separate misdemeanor courts within the courthouse, and your case will be (or have already been) assigned to one of these courts.

  • County Court at Law 1—Judge Mason
  • County Court at Law 2—Judge Lewis
  • County Court at Law 3—Judge Baxter
  • County Court at Law 4—Judge Ripple
  • County Court at Law 5—Judge Wilson
  • County Court at Law 6—Judge Bender

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense in the DFW area, call Peveto Law today and find out how we can keep this off of your criminal record.

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