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The most common emotion expressed by my public intoxication clients during our initial consultation is disbelief. Dozens if not hundreds of DFW citizens are arrested for public intoxication every night in area cities such as Dallas, Plano, Addison, McKinney, Frisco and Allen. Usually, the police issue no field sobriety tests – and do not even allow the arrested person a chance to take a breath or blood alcohol test, even if requested.

If you have been arrested (fairly or unfairly) or for a Texas public intoxication charge in Collin County or Dallas County, including the cities of Dallas, Irving, Richardson, Frisco, or Addison, contact us for a free consultation. Mr. Peveto often finds a way to get public intoxication tickets dismissed outright – and has always found a way to keep a public intoxication conviction off of his client’s permanent criminal record.

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What is Public Intoxication?

Public Intoxication is a Class C Misdemeanor (fine only offense) – which means that it is in the same criminal category as a traffic ticket. However, citizens are rarely taken to jail for traffic tickets – unlike public intoxication arrests. The following is a short list of items to consider when evaluation public intoxication arrests.

  • Texas law states that “a person commits the offense of public intoxication” if he or she “appears in a public place while intoxicated to the degree that the person may endanger the person or another. “
  • Public intoxication arrests are an easy way for the police to conduct crowd control or remove a person from a bar or restaurant, thus resolving the situation – at least as far as the police are concerned.
  • Police Officers have the right to arrest you for public intoxication and take you to jail for the night. It is completely within their discretion.
  • Even though its arguably coercive, Dallas area police will often try to persuade individuals arrested for public intoxication to plead guilty at the jail. This results in a conviction on your record! Don’t do it.

Can’t I Just Pay the Fine?

Convictions for public intoxication go on your permanent criminal record. You will receive a public intoxication conviction if you just pay the fine. You need your public dintoxication ticket dismissed, so that the public record of your arrest and citation can later be expunged.

There are two ways to have your public intoxication charge dismissed: (1) an outright dismissal, or (2) deferred adjudication. With deferred adjudication, the Court agrees to dismiss the public intoxication charge if you pay a fine (will always be less than $500) and are able to go a period of time (usually 90 or 180 days) without being convicted of another criminal offense other than traffic tickets.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Public Intoxication Ticket?

While any citizen can appear before the court by him or herself and ask the judge for deferred adjudication, you are not guaranteed to get it – and outright dismissals are rare for those who represent themselves. Even worse, the court staff make a mistake and record your public intoxication citation as a conviction in their computer, even if you thought you elected for deferred adjudication and received it from the Court. DFW defense attorney Andrew Peveto has represented well over 100 citizens for public intoxication in the DFW area over the past several years, and has always been able to secure deferred adjudication or obtain an outright dismissal for his public intoxication clients in local cities such as Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, Richardson, University Park, and Allen.

DFW Public Intoxication Attorney

If you want to ensure that your public intoxication arrest does not hamper your employment opportunities now or in the future, call public intoxication lawyer Andrew Peveto today at (972) 339-8033 for a free consultation, or submit our online form. In most municipal and JP courts you will not even have to appear yourself if you hire Andrew Peveto to represent you. We can also have your public intoxication arrest expunged from your criminal record once your case is dismissed or your deferred adjudication period has expired (if applicable).