17 September
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How Long Is Public Intoxication on Your Record in Texas?

Public intoxication is charged as a misdemeanor and will be on your record permanently unless it is fought, sealed, or expunged. Though the punishment is typically not more than a $500 fine, the consequences can be problematic. If you are charged with subsequent crimes, the penalties can be harsher. Public intoxication makes you look bad to prospective employers, college admissions offices, landlords, and police officers. Rather than risk these serious EVERLASTING consequences, it makes sense to consult with a public intoxication lawyer in Texas to see about getting your charges dismissed, reduced, or expunged from your record.

Getting Public Intoxication Charges Dismissed in Texas

If you are facing public intoxication charges, you will need a lawyer to help build a case on your behalf. There are three primary defenses:

  • You weren’t intoxicated. You can fight a charge by claiming your “disorderly conduct” was due to elation, enthusiasm, the side effects of a legally prescribed medication, or anxiety.
  • You were not in public. If you’re technically on private property, the “public” aspect of public intoxication does not apply to you. Streets, parking lots, and parks can be deemed public.
  • The arresting officer broke the law. Strict protocol and procedures must be followed in making an arrest. Sometimes officers fail to have probable cause, fail to conduct field sobriety tests properly or fail to inform detainees of their rights.

It costs nothing to consult with Peveto Law, so why not see if you may have grounds for dismissal? If the case against you is dropped, it will be as if the arrest never happened as far as your permanent record is concerned.

If you are not eligible for outright dismissal, your lawyer can fight for deferred adjudication. With this arrangement, the Court agrees to dismiss the public intoxication charge IF you are willing to pay a fine less than $500 and complete a probation period (like 90 or 180 days) without being convicted of another criminal offense (not including most traffic tickets).

Getting Public Intoxication Charges Expunged in Texas

Getting your public intoxication record expunged (or wiped clean from your record) is the next best option to outright dismissal. You may be eligible for public intoxication expungement if:

  • Your arrest did not result in a criminal charge.
  • You were found “not guilty” by a judge or jury.
  • You pleaded guilty and were offered a deal as part of your confession.
  • You complied with the terms of deferred adjudication for a class C misdemeanor.

You will likely be deemed ineligible to have your public intoxication expunged if you commit a secondary offense shortly after the first. Contacting a lawyer about expungement makes sense for a first-time offense.

Contact a Public Intoxication Lawyer in Texas  

Peveto Law is a defense law firm in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas metro area. We offer free and friendly consultations for all, without judgment. Where there is a case to be made for leniency, we will find it. We have a track record of getting these cases dismissed outright. If you’re facing a public intoxication charge or warrants for your arrest in Dallas or Collin counties, contact us today for more information.