Collin County Property Crime Lawyer

Collin County has a lower property crime rate than many other areas in Texas. That lower rate may reflect more aggressive property crime prosecutions. If you are the target of one of those prosecutions, you will need a Collin County property crime lawyer to investigate the possibility that you have been unfairly targeted and to fully protect your rights through every stage of the process.

Property crime defense attorney Andrew Peveto provides aggressive legal defense for individuals in Collin County. If you are facing property crime charges, your best strategy is to retain a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who understands the Collin County court system and its prosecution strategies.

Texas Property Crimes

You will need a property crime attorney in Collin County if you have been charged with any of these violations:

  • Property theft, larceny, or robbery;
  • Burglary (forced entry into another person’s residence with the intent of taking his or her property);
  • Computer and telecommunications crimes that deprive another person of money or assets;
  • Shoplifting from any retail store;
  • Arson, vandalism, or any other malicious or intentional destruction of property;
  • Money laundering;
  • Insurance or Medicaid fraud.

Collin County property crimes are defined by statutes, and a prosecutor needs to prove each element of the crime to get a conviction. An experienced property crime defense lawyer will protect you from overzealous prosecutors that cut corners.

Fighting Property Crime Charges in Collin County

Collin County property crime defense lawyer Andrew Peveto will fight to minimize or negate the charges you face. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, possible defenses include:

  • You believed that the property was yours when you took possession of it.
  • If you return the property to the person who owns it, a prosecutor might agree to reduced property theft charges or to seek lesser penalties.
  • Your attorney might negotiate for misdemeanor charges in place of a felony, particularly if you are a first-time offender or the value of the property is low.

The defense team at Peveto Law will explore these and other defense strategies prior to your scheduled trial.

What Are the Consequences of a Property Crime Conviction?

Property crimes can result in multi-year prison sentences, orders to pay restitution to the individuals whose property was affected, and fines and court costs. A felony property crime conviction will also give you a criminal record that will prevent you from owning or possessing a firearm, that will harm your employment prospects, and that can affect your ability to procure a mortgage or other credit.

Retaining an experienced Collin County property crime attorney will give you your best opportunity to minimize the impact of the charges on your and your family’s lives.

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Andrew Peveto has the knowledge and experience to aggressively protect your rights if you face property crime charges in Collin County and throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Please call the Peveto Law Office to discuss your case.

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