Violent Crime Lawyer in McKinney

From assault to domestic violence, the consequences of a violent crime conviction in McKinney can have life-altering consequences. A conviction could result in years behind bars, thousands of dollars in fines, and collateral consequences you might not expect. Thankfully, an arrest for a violent crime charge does not guarantee a conviction.

With the help of a skilled McKinney violent crime lawyer, you could prevail at trial or see your case dismissed entirely. However, these favorable results do not happen in a vacuum. A winning defense starts with an experienced and skilled attorney. The right legal counsel will not only know the law, but have critical insight into what to expect from the prosecutor, judge, or jury.

Attorney Andrew Peveto can help you get the most out of your defense. With years of experience fighting for the accused in McKinney, the Peveto Law Office could make the difference in your case.

Collateral consequences

Most people are aware of the direct consequences of a violent crime conviction. Misdemeanor charges could result in jail time, while a felony conviction could lead to years in prison. Additionally, you can expect to face hefty fines following a violent crime conviction. However, these are not the only consequences.

In addition to the direct consequences of a conviction, there are also collateral consequences. These are consequences that occur due to your conviction but are not a formal part of your punishment. The most common form of collateral consequence involves the impact on your reputation. If you are found guilty at trial of a crime of violence, it could have a significant impact on your personal and professional relationships.

Additionally, a felony conviction could impact some of your legal rights. As a convicted felon, you lose your ability to vote or own a firearm. You could also experience difficulty in obtaining employment or housing due to your criminal record.

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