What is a Habitual Violator?

According to section 372.106(a) of the Texas Transportation Code, an NTTA habitual violator is a registered driver who has accrued at least 100 unpaid tolls in a year and has been issued at least two non-payment notices.

The first notice sent to a habitual violator is a pre-determination letter that directs the recipient to contact the Mobility Authority within 30 days to resolve their outstanding charges. The second notice is a determination letter, which alerts the recipient of their “habitual violator” status and describes the legal remedies they may pursue.

A habitual violator may face additional NTTA enforcement actions, including:

  • Placement on a public list of violators available at  MobilityAuthority.com
  • A block of their vehicle registration blocked
  • A driving ban on toll roads
  • An increased highway toll rate

Violating these enforcements can result in a class C misdemeanor, with penalties of $500 or more. Those who continue to drive on tollways without making efforts to pay are subject to vehicle impoundment. In 2013, the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) announced they would be cracking down on so-called “habitual violators.” If you fall under the category of “habitual violator,” it is wise to enlist the help of an NTTA lawyer to help protect your rights.