What is a Habitual Violator Notice?

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) initiated new toll enforcement remedies in 2013 that targeted habitual toll violators. The purpose is to encourage rightful payment by all customers of outstanding tolls. NTTA officials estimate that more than 100,000 Texas drivers currently have unpaid tolls, and they are taking stronger measures to punish offenders.

In the context of the NTTA, a Habitual Violator is defined as one who was issued at least two written notices of nonpayment that contained 100 or more events of nonpayment within one year. Also, they were issued a warning that failure to pay the specified amounts could result in enforcement remedies.

What sort of remedies are allowed? Effective November 2019, Habitual Violators may be banned from certain Mobility Authority roadways, be unable to renew their vehicle registration, face vehicle impoundment, and have their names posted on the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority website. If you received a Habitual Violator notice, speak with a Dallas NTTA lawyer at Peveto Law. We are proud to represent clients throughout northern Texas and offer free consultations to discuss your options.