Do I have to go to court for failure to pay a toll?

In some instances, the answer is yes-  you may need to go to court for failure to pay a toll.

If the NTTA has deemed you a “habitual violator” — someone who has more than 100 unpaid tolls in a year and who has received two unpaid toll notices – you may be issued a violation citation. As a class C misdemeanor, you are required to either pay the fine in full OR appear in court as a specification on the citation. If you can afford to pay the total amount of the fine and you are willing to pay it to get the matter off your chest, you may do so without appearing in court.

On the other hand, habitual violators have a right to an administrative hearing before a Justice of the Peace to challenge their status classification. This hearing is at the individual’s discretion. Those who have received an NTTA toll violator warrant charging them with toll evasion should contact an NTTA lawyer who can explain all legal options, seek ways of reducing penalties, and attend the pre-trial hearing on your behalf.