Can the NTTA Ban My Car from the Tollway?

The North Texas Tollways Authority (NTTA) has the authority to ban vehicles from the tollway if the motorist is deemed a “habitual violator” due to the amount of their unpaid tolls.

Habitual violators are those issued a minimum of two nonpayment notices involving at least 100 unpaid tolls with a 12-month period. Drivers who are deemed habitual violators will receive notice regarding the tollway ban, including the date on which it takes effect. Upon receiving the notification, the driver may challenge the ban before a Justice of the Peace.  

If the motorist loses that challenge and retains their habitual violator status, the NTTA will send another ban notice along with the opportunity to settle their toll debt. Remember: violation of the NTTA toll ban could subject your vehicle to impoundment.

If you received a notification that the NTTA has banned your call from state tollways, contact an NTTA lawyer at Peveto Law. Consultation is free, so call us today and let us help you get your car back on the road.