Can I Be Arrested for Not Paying a Toll?

The North Texas Transit Authority (“NTTA”) is aggressive when it comes to law enforcement, but not so aggressive that you can be arrested simply for not paying your tolls. However, failure to comply with payment notices can set off a chain reaction that could land you into some trouble.

Chapter 370.11 of the Texas Transportation Code provides more clarity. Failure to pay tolls results or respond to subsequent notices of unpaid tolls for more than 120 days will result in a class C misdemeanor criminal charge, higher penalties, and court costs. If you fail to pay more than 100 tolls in any calendar year, the state will consider you a “habitual violator” and may even go so far as to block the registration of your vehicle and levy even greater fines. Violators in this situation may discover that their car has ultimately been impounded.

As with any felony or misdemeanor matter in Texas, if you ignore the problem, it will only get worse. Though arrest might not be on the table for failure to pay a toll, you should still consult an  NTTA lawyer to amend your status, reduce your fines, and stop the cycle of compounding legal drama.

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