NTTA Lawyer in Dallas

Dallas-area NTTA lawyer Andrew Peveto is ready and able to defend you from NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) violations and negotiate bill reductions on outstanding tollway fees. If you have racked up an excessive number of tollway violations and thus owe substantial amounts of money to the NTTA, call Andrew Peveto right away to make sure your rights are fully represented.

What if you don’t have the money to pay the bills? What if you moved and never received the toll bills? What if someone stole your car and racked up toll bills? What if you made the payment, but the NTTA says they did not receive it? There are many reasons to dispute NTTA bills with the help of a highly experienced NTTA attorneyfrom Peveto Law. 

How Failure to Pay A Toll in Dallas Becomes A Big Headache

Here’s what happens when you use toll roads in North Texas:

  • A fee to use the roads is assessed. Whenever you pass through a toll point, you are billed – either through a deduction from your prepaid toll-tag account or by mail, billed to the registered owner of your license plate, if you do not have a toll-tag.
  • You receive a courtesy notice. When a toll goes unpaid, the NTTA mails an invoice, letting you know you have 25 days to pay up.
  • You receive a warning and a fee. If no payment is sent, the NTTA will then issue a “First Notice of Nonpayment,” which includes an additional $10 charge for administration.
  • You receive another warning and another fee. Twenty-five days later, if payment is still missing, the NTTA sends out a “Second Notice of Nonpayment,” which demands payment within 25 days and tacks on another $25 administrative fee.
  • You receive a final warning and an additional fee. Twenty-five days later, the NTTA mails out a “Final Notice of Nonpayment” with another $25 administrative fee tacked on.
  • You receive a citation and a criminal charge. If the payment is not received within 25 days, you will receive a “Failure to Pay Toll” citation, which is a class C misdemeanor. Fines up to $250 apply.
  • You have the option to handle your case through the courts. The County Justice of the Peace Court will handle your case, with each unpaid toll and administrative fee considered a separate offense.

Imagine you’re traveling through the City of Plano, where you accrue six toll points worth $4.32. While that small toll may not seem like a big deal, it can quickly escalate. Six separate Failure to Pay Toll citations (with fines up to $250 each) means you face up to $1,500 in additional fines. When you account for the separate administrative fees on the three notices of nonpayment for the six tolls, you’re looking at a potential bill of $1,984.32 to settle that modest original bill of $4.32. Hiring a DFW traffic ticket lawyer to help you plead down some of these fines and fees is a no-brainer in these cases.

How to Fight NTTA Charges

It’s always worth speaking with a lawyer to find out how to fight NTTA charges. Initial consultations with Peveto Law are offered free of charge to help you explore your options and make the best decision going forward.

Most people do not understand their rights and do not know how to fight a toll road violation in Texas. The laws are complex and ever-changing, and without knowledge of what to expect or what is possible within the administrative process, you could end up with an unfavorable result.

We can help you avoid paying thousands for hefty fines and administrative fees, car impoundment, and vehicle registration blocks. The experienced assistance of a lawyer can save you from spending hours in court pleading your case in vain to a judge who doesn’t know or respect you, or sitting in a jail cell for unpaid tolls.

Are You on the NTTA Scofflaw List?

Working with a lawyeris especially recommended in cases where the NTTA has labeled you a “scofflaw” or a “habitual violator.” This classification is given to individuals who have 100 or more unpaid bills and who have been sent at least two warning notices.

Habitual failure to pay tolls in North Texas is considered a class C misdemeanor, subject to a number of harsh penalties. The NTTA has the authority to:

  • Block your vehicle registration
  • Issue additional tickets
  • Impound your vehicle until you pay in full
  • Sue you in court
  • Shame you on their website’s publicly available NTTA scofflaw list

You cannot afford to ignore these escalations from the NTTA. Over the years, they have really cracked down on toll nonpayment offenses. In the worst-case scenario, ignoring these citations and citation fees could result in an NTTA toll violator warrant, arrest, and jail time.

It is important to know your rights. For instance, all habitual violators have the right to an administrative hearing. When you hire NTTA lawyer Andrew Peveto,he will attend court on your behalf and attempt to resolve the matter amicably with a representative from the NTTA. You have a right to appeal the administrative court’s decision. In most cases, hiring a lawyer will result in a decreased amount due and the resolution of criminal sanctions.

Toll Violations in Texas are Serious!

If you have been charged with toll violation, Texas authorities will not automatically extend an olive branch. Under the stress of these notifications, it’s all too easy to ignore them and hope they forget about you. But they won’t. At Peveto Law, we know that good people make mistakes. Most of our clients honestly had no idea how much they owed the NTTA, suffered difficulties in communicating with the NTTA and were greatly concerned about the threatened punishments. We will act swiftly to help you resolve matters efficiently, in the best way possible.

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