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If you are facing theft or other property crime charges in Plano or any surrounding communities, Plano theft attorney Andrew Peveto will provide aggressive and experienced legal defense services. A misdemeanor or felony theft conviction can have long-lasting consequences for your ability to find housing and employment, to obtain credit, and to serve in the military. Before you talk to investigators or a prosecutor about pending theft charges against you, please contact the Plano theft defense lawyers at the Peveto Law Office. We may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate the charges against you, protecting you from serious damage to your reputation, finances, and freedom. Call today for a free consultation.

How Is Theft Different from Other Property Crimes?

The Texas criminal statutes include definitions of different property crimes that a prosecutor can bring against a defendant:

  • Theft and larceny both refer to intentionally depriving someone else of his or her property. Even if you did not take the property directly, you can be charged with larceny if you receive stolen property from another person and you are aware that the property is stolen.
  • Burglary is the unlawful entry into another person’s home or dwelling place, usually by force or coercion, with an intent to deprive that person of his or her property.
  • Robbery is theft accompanied by the use of force or some threat with the intent of taking another person’s property.
  • Shoplifting is a form of theft from a retail establishment.

If you are facing Plano larceny charges, a prosecutor might also add burglary or other charges against you. An experienced theft lawyer will fight to reduce or eliminate some or all of the charges against you.

What Are the Possible Penalties for a Theft Conviction?

Theft charges in Plano or elsewhere in Texas will fall into different categories of misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the value of the property that was allegedly taken. Class A, B, or C misdemeanors apply to property valued at less than $1500. You can be charged with a felony for taking property that has a value between $1500 and $20,000.  For property valued at more than $20,000, you may be charged with a first, second, or third-degree felony.

First-degree felony theft convictions can result in fines of up to $10,000 and prison terms of between 5 and 99 years. A Plano theft defense lawyer might be able to negotiate lesser charges, for example, by arguing that the prosecutor has improperly inflated the value of the property in an attempt to convict you of a more serious felony crime.

How Can a Plano Theft Lawyer Help When You Are Facing Criminal Charges?

In addition to negotiating with prosecutors for a lesser felony or misdemeanor theft charges, Andrew Peveto can examine the circumstances that led to the theft charges against you. For example:

  • How were you identified as a perpetrator?
  • Does the evidence show that you were not aware that the property was not yours or that you intended to deprive someone else of that property?
  • Did you take or retain the property by mistake?
  • Did someone else force or induce you to take another person’s property?

An experienced theft attorney can verify that none of the important details of your case are overlooked and that the prosecutor is not taking shortcuts in an attempt to prove the charges against you.

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