Theft Lawyer in Allen

Allen theft defense lawyer Andrew Peveto defends individuals in Dallas and Collin Counties in property crime cases. Criminal charges are always a serious matter. If you are facing Allen larceny charges, you can best protect your rights and your freedom by retaining a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to challenge every aspect of the prosecutor’s case and fight to get the charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Conduct that Can Give Rise to Theft Charges in Allen

Prosecutors have several options to charge a defendant when a person is suspected of taking or wrongfully exercising control over another person’s property:

Retaining an Allen Theft Lawyer to Defend You in Property Crime Cases

A theft lawyer can challenge the prosecutor’s evidence, for example, by arguing that it was not collected or preserved properly by law enforcement personnel. Further, eyewitness testimony may be uncertain or fabricated, and an Allen theft attorney can cross-examine witnesses to uncover memory lapses or contradictions to reduce the relative weight of that testimony.

An experienced theft attorney can also negotiate for reduced charges and sentences, particularly for first-time offenders or in crimes where the value of the stolen property is low.

What an Allen Larceny Conviction Might Mean for You

A felony larceny or theft conviction can carry large fines and jail or prison sentences from a few months to several years. In addition, you will have a criminal conviction that will substantially impair your employment and credit prospects, your right to own or carry a firearm, and your access to military and government facilities. 

You can also be detained in jail after you are arrested and while you are waiting for your trial if your request for bail is denied or you are unable to make a large bail payment. An experienced Allen theft lawyer who understands the inner workings of the county prosecutors’ offices can work on reducing the impact of all of these repercussions.

Contact Peveto Law for Aggressive Defense of Theft Charges in Allen

The Peveto Law Offices serve the property crime defense needs of citizens in Dallas and Collin County. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the seriousness of the charges you face, or of despairing that nothing can be done once you have been charged. Please call us today to speak with a criminal defense attorney about larceny or theft charges that have been brought against you.

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