McKinney Warrants

Whether you have City of McKinney warrants pending or a warrant issued in another part of the state, taking care of it as soon as possible can lessen the pain it can cause you and your family. Speak with a criminal defense attorney at Peveto Law Office in Dallas; we can help you discover outstanding warrants in Texas and respond to them in the most advantageous way possible.

Types of McKinney warrants

The City of McKinney’s warrants are issued by the municipal court, which issues two types of warrants. It issues alias, or arrest, warrants for a person who fails to appear or to respond to charges filed against them. Common reasons include not appearing for a court date, not paying a fine imposed by the court, not completing community service as ordered, or not complying with terms of probation. The court issues capias pro-fine warrants for someone when he or she disregards a judgment or another order of the court.

Of course, an individual in McKinney may also have other types of warrants issued by the State of Texas, Collin County, or another Texas jurisdiction, so a search should take that into account.

McKinney Texas warrants roundup

The City of McKinney is actively participating in a state-wide warrant roundup. While active fine-only misdemeanor warrants are the main target for the roundup, any warrant could be executed. The city offers times for those with active warrants to turn themselves in and begin to make payments. However, those with outstanding warrants have greater legal options by working with an attorney who can post a bond and have the case added back to the court docket in order to present a defense.

Finding McKinney active warrants

The City of McKinney offers a warrant search that allows lookup by name, demographics, or address. However, it is also helpful to search Collin County warrants, as well as to perform a broader search of Texas warrants. You can also work with a qualified Texas criminal defense attorney who can track down outstanding warrants across the state.

Once warrants are identified, you can make decisions on how to respond. With McKinney municipal warrants, it may be possible to just pay the fine online and move one. However, this can result in a criminal conviction on your record. Instead, a criminal defense attorney may be able to have the warrant lifted while you prepare a defense to the underlying charge.

Speak with a lawyer about McKinney, TX warrants

Knowing or suspecting you have an outstanding warrant can be extremely stressful. Even more stressful is the embarrassment and inconvenience of an unanticipated arrest. If there is a chance you have an outstanding McKinney warrant, or a warrant in another part of Texas, speak with a TX warrants attorney Andrew Peveto today to learn about your rights and legal options. Call today to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a Dallas/Fort Worth lawyer.

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