Frisco Warrants

Getting arrested on an outstanding Texas warrant is a disruptive and costly way to resolve your misdemeanor or felony case. Whether this is the first time you’ve had a warrant or not, you need a trusted criminal defense lawyer in your corner.

For the past ten years, 300 law enforcement agencies join forces for The Great Texas Warrant Roundup, which targets thousands of residents from 250 participating jurisdictions. During this round-up, Frisco and other cities throughout Texas assign special officers to track down and pursue the arrest of anyone who has outstanding warrants for unpaid traffic citations.

Defense attorney for Frisco, TX warrants

Frisco warrants are not something to be ignored. It doesn’t matter if the warrant is for a traffic violation, alleged theft or assault, take measures to protect your rights by contacting Attorney Andrew Peveto as soon as possible. Mr. Peveto has vast experience representing residents throughout Collin County who need to resolve their warrants in the most effective manner possible. If you have an outstanding warrant in Frisco City or anywhere in Texas, Andrew Peveto can take steps to prevent your arrest.

In Texas, any person who makes a good faith effort to resolve their outstanding Class C warrant is not subject to arrest. For more serious citations or criminal allegations in North Texas, you can count on the legal team at Peveto Law. Andrew Peveto has a proven track record of success handling people caught in Frisco municipal warrant round-ups as well as those already facing alias or capias warrants.

What is an alias warrant?

An alias warrant is issued when the suspect fails to appear for a scheduled court date before any plea has been entered OR fails to respond to a citation either by mail or in person. A lawyer or bail bond company is able to post a bond for an alias warrant.

What is a capias warrant?

In a capias warrant, a plea has already been entered and the suspect failed to show up for a scheduled court date or follow through with a court agreement. A capias warrant is only used in arrest situations and cannot be lifted via an attorney bond. A capias warrant may be resolved by paying a fine (in its entirety) or serving time in jail. If you have already served time behind bars for the specific charge, your defense lawyer may be able to have that time credited toward the punishment. Municipal Jail Credit does not apply to all arrests and can only be used toward class C misdemeanors in Frisco City.

Frisco arrest warrants

When a Frisco warrant search in the Collin County database shows an active warrant, City Marshals have the authority to arrest you in your home, at your place of work or business, at school or during a routine traffic stop. There is no compelling reason to take this chance when Peveto Law can help you mitigate the situation and work toward a favorable outcome.  

For more than 10 years, Andrew Peveto has been serving clients who have been arrested in Collin County and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If it is discovered that law enforcement made a warrantless arrest, or failed to follow proper procedures, it may be possible to argue for a dismissal on the grounds of an unjust arrest.

Peveto Law can help you

If you have been arrested in Collin County, Texas or have an outstanding Frisco warrant against you, reach out to Peveto Law today. We can check for Colin County arrest warrants on your behalf and develop a strategy to resolve your situation with minimum negative impacts on your life.

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