Plano Property Crime Lawyer

If you have been or may be charged with a property crime in Plano, Texas, then the penalties for conviction could be severe. The range of offenses that falls under the umbrella of Texas property crimes is broad, so you need a Plano property crime lawyer with experience you can trust to defend your rights.

Plano property crime attorney Andrew Peveto has over a decade of experience advocating for clients in the Texas criminal justice system. Texas prosecutors are known for hitting hard, but Peveto Law is prepared to hit back with a strong defense and aggressive representation. For a free, no-obligation consultation, do not hesitate – contact us today.

Understanding Texas property crimes

Property crimes are defined differently in each state. Under the Texas Penal Code, the definition includes stealing, damaging, or destroying someone else’s property. Penalties range based on the level of the charges, from the simplest forms prosecuted as misdemeanors all the way up to first-degree felonies.

The classification of a property crime does not just depend on the type of offense charged; it also depends on the amount of property loss and aggravating factors. For example, criminal mischief in Texas involves tampering with property, or what is often referred to as vandalism. It is typically charged as a Class A, B, or C misdemeanor, but in certain circumstances – if it involves a loss of at least $300,000 or the damaged property is livestock that is damaged by the introduction of a disease, it can be charged as a first-degree felony.

Responding to charges of a Plano property crime

Texas prosecutors are tenacious, but an experienced attorney can effectively fight the charges and a conviction or fight for the least severe penalty possible.

The prosecutor in a criminal case has the burden of proving certain elements for each alleged crime. Criminal defense lawyer Andrew Peveto knows when to attack the alleged evidence underlying the charges, present an affirmative defense, negotiate a deal for a lesser charge, or take the case to a jury.

Speak with a Plano property crime lawyer

At Peveto Law, we act fast on behalf of clients. Sometimes a client will make contact before charges are filed, and there may still be time to work with the prosecutor to avoid formal charges altogether. Other times, we can fight the underlying allegations to have the charges dropped, or plea the case down to a more favorable result. When necessary, we will fight the case all the way through.

Andrew Peveto is a property crime defense attorney in Plano who gives each case the serious dedication it deserves. Call today and take the first steps toward protecting your reputation and your freedom. 

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