Dallas Property Crime Lawyer

Peveto Law provides tenacious defense for citizens charged with property crimes in Texas. Dallas property crime defense lawyer Andrew Peveto and his team are committed to protecting your rights and freedoms every step of the way. Remember that an arrest is not the same as a conviction. With the right representation, you may be able to get the charges reduced or even dismissed.

Do You Need a Property Crime Attorney in Dallas?

You might need a property crime attorney in Dallas if you were charged with:

  • Criminal Mischief – Also known as vandalism, criminal mischief is committed when a person willfully or recklessly damages the property of another person by tampering, inscribing, drawing, marking, or otherwise damaging it. Broken windows and keyed cars are examples of criminal mischief. If you damage your spouse’s property in a fight, you can be charged with criminal mischief even if you are a partial owner.
  • Burglary – Burglary involves illegal entry into a vehicle or building with the intent to commit a crime – be it vandalism, assault, theft, or any other unlawful activity.
  • Theft – Theft involves any attempt to move or take property without the owner’s permission. Values of $50 or less are considered petty theft, which is unlikely to result in prison time. Property values between $50 and $500 are Class B Misdemeanors, punishable by up to 180 days in county jail and a fine of up to $2,000.
  • Robbery – Robbery is a theft that includes intentional injury or threat of injury or death to another person. Aggravated robbery involves a deadly weapon.
  • Shoplifting – Shoplifting is theft from a retail store or business. Punishments range from a fine of $500 for a Class C Misdemeanor ($50 or less) to 5-99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for a First Degree Felony.

Intent matters. You can be charged with a Dallas property crime even if nothing was damaged or stolen. That is why it’s always prudent to find an experienced lawyer who can clear your good name. 

What a Property Crime Lawyer in Dallas Can Do for You

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, a property crime lawyer in Dallas may take several angles to mitigate the consequences:

Value: The property is not worth as much as the plaintiff claims.

Most property crime punishments fluctuate, depending on the dollar amount of damage done. We can bring in our own property appraisers, look up Kelly Blue Book values (for motor vehicles), and compare the property to others in the marketplace.

Identity: You were not, in fact, the individual involved in the crime.

Surveillance footage can be exonerating in some cases. In others, you may have been there, but were not the person masterminding or taking action. 

Rights Infringement: The evidence against you was illegally gathered.

When the police conduct unlawful search and seizure, fail to inform you of your rights as required by law, or severely mistreat you in custody, it may be possible to get the whole case thrown out.

Coercion: You were forced to steal or destroy property under threat of harm, injury, or death.

For instance, a child may be compelled to steal by a parent who has threatened to withhold food, shelter, or love. Or a Greek organization may threaten to ruin a pledge’s reputation or get the pledge kicked out of school unless he or she complies with the hazing.

Mistake: You took an item by accident because you thought it was yours.

If you own an item that is identical to the property in question, you may argue that taking up the item was unintentional.

Necessity: You were in an emergency situation at the time of the property damage.

For instance, it could be determined reasonable if you needed to break a window to escape a fire. To make this defense, the defendant must not have contributed to the threat, the property damage must be less than the threat of harm, and there must have been no realistic alternative.  

Start Planning Your Dallas Property Crime Defense

Our Dallas property crime results speak for themselves. For instance, one of our clients was charged with third-degree felony theft in Collin County (worth $30,000 – $150,000) and received just three years of deferred adjudication, 60 hours of community service, and a $1,000 fine – instead of two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Contact a Dallas property crime lawyer for a free consultation.