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At Peveto Law, we represent clients who are facing criminal charges all across Plano, Collin County, and the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. If you have been arrested, our law firm can guide you through the criminal justice system to make sure you are treated fairly. We are proud to be able to defend your rights and to preserve your dignity. You deserve an attorney who cares about your future. Contact Peveto Law to discuss your charges.

Criminal Defense & DWI Practice

Peveto Law has handled thousands of criminal and DWI cases. We pursue the best possible outcome and find creative solutions that can minimize collateral damage to your life. Whether we are aggressively pushing for a favorable plea deal or zealously defending you in front of a judge and jury, our law firm will be fighting alongside you through each step.

We can represent clients facing a broad range of crimes, including:

We understand that facing criminal charges is stressful. We provide constant communication with each client to help relieve their anxieties and help them make informed decisions. You can trust us to provide an excellent client experience while we pursue a favorable outcome.

If you are looking for experience and results, use Peveto Law as your Plano criminal defense attorney. Local attorney Andrew Peveto will appear in Plano court on your behalf- and represent you with skill and expertise. If you have a Plano class C Misdemeanor (like a traffic ticket, public intoxication citation, MIP, etc …), the charges will be at the Plano Municipal Court. On the other hand, if you were arrested in Plano for a felony, Class B or Class A Misdemeanor, your court case will be held at the Collin County Misdemeanor Courthouse in McKinney, Texas.

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Time is not on your side after an arrest. Take action immediately and contact an attorney at our law firm to discuss your charges. We’re ready to listen.

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