Warrants Defense Attorney in Plano, Tx

Is There an Active Warrant Out for Your Arrest?

Arrest warrants can be issued by both counties and municipalities. County arrest warrants are usually issued for Class A misdemeanors, Class B misdemeanors, and felony cases. While warrantless arrests often occur when someone is detained at the alleged “scene of the crime,” warrants for arrest are usually issued after some level of police investigation. Warrants for a person’s blood in DWI cases is also becoming more and more common.

Whether you were arrested with or without a warrant, the police still must have probable cause that you committed a crime for an arrest to be valid. The Peveto Law has successfully challenged dozens of Dallas and Collin County arrests based on invalid warrants, lack of reasonable suspicion for a stop, and a variety of other legal and constitutional grounds.

How Do I Check for County Warrants?

If you think criminal charges may have been filed against you in Collin county, you should check the Collin County Active Warrants list. If you have an outstanding Collin County warrant, you will need to arrange to turn yourself in to the Collin County Sheriff’s Department – which is best done through with the assistance of an attorney. At Peveto Law, we can guide you through the process and arrange for your release from jail by posting an attorney writ bond or by working closely with a Collin County bondsman on your behalf.

What About City and Municipal Warrants?

If your warrant is for a traffic ticket or other Class C misdemeanor, your warrant will be on file with the municipal court or JP court located in the city/town where you were arrested or issued the Class C citation.

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What Should I Do About an Active Warrant?

Regardless of what DFW city or town issued the Class C misdemeanor warrant for your arrest, at Peveto Law we can post an attorney surety bond on your behalf and have your warrant lifted within 24 hours in most cases. An attorney bond also usually avoids a Class C conviction by placing your case back on the court docket, where Mr. Peveto will likely be able to resolve your situation in a way that allows you to have the ticket expunged so it does not appear on your criminal record. Contact Peveto Law to begin clearing your name of active warrants today.