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Juveniles and youths that have been accused of violating the law will go through a legal system that is both similar and different than that of the typical adult criminal justice system. Whereas adults face high penalties to enact direct punishment for breaking the law, the juvenile case system is arguably lenient and is meant to encourage rehabilitation and behavior correction. You cannot depend on this leniency, however, for your child can still face devastating consequences if convicted of a crime.

Juveniles convicted of crimes can be penalized by:

  • Lengthy probation
  • Community service
  • Mandatory correctional programs
  • Time spent in juvenile hall

If the alleged crime was severe or involving a sexual act, Texas courts can also try a juvenile as an adult, slamming them with full sentencing, which may include incarceration in prison and steep fines. Even when a youth is given lesser degrees of legal penalties, they are often humiliated in their social lives and carry a negative reputation for years to come.

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Criminal Violations Common to Juvenile Cases

Although it is not impossible, it is considerably rare to learn of a juvenile that has committed a felony. Most juvenile cases therefore involve lesser criminal violations that can be categorized as a high level misdemeanor at most.

Due to the fact that misdemeanors are considered less severe crimes than felonies, anexpunction may be possible to remove the arrest from your child’s record if they are convicted. Nondisclosure could also be an option for convictions that allowed deferred adjudication. Whatever the outcome, know that our Plano criminal defense attorney can help you with a solution.

Juvenile Court or Delinquent Conduct?

The county court concerned with your child’s alleged illegal actions will need to determine if juvenile court can be used to come to a proper conclusion, or if the matter should be considered delinquent conduct. If your child only goes to juvenile court, they could be informally penalized by the presiding judge and sent home with an official warning. If their actions are considered delinquent conduct, they could be tried as an adult. In either situation, you can prepare your argument with an attorney’s help, and with your lawyer present during the proceedings.

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