13 December
Peveto Law in Misdemeanor

How to Beat a Disorderly Conduct Charge

In Texas, most disorderly conduct charges are misdemeanors, but that does not mean the offense is not serious. A conviction means more than a fine. It may mean supervised probation, community service work, and the loss of certain professional licenses. Obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible after an arrest is imperative. Disorderly Conduct Disorderly conduct covers a range of …

7 December
Peveto Law in Misdemeanor

How Long Do Traffic Tickets Stay on Your Record?

Flashing blue and red lights behind your vehicle are never a good sign. In Texas, a traffic ticket stays on your driver’s record for three years after your conviction. Along with a record of the violation, the points associated with the ticket also remain for three years. In most cases, the driver will pay fines of up to $200 and …

29 November
Peveto Law in Misdemeanor

How Long Does Disorderly Conduct Stay on Your Record?

Any criminal conviction – including a misdemeanor – could haunt you for the rest of your life. While misdemeanors do not carry the same consequences as a felony conviction, they can impact you in a variety of negative ways. And if you are not careful, you could experience these issues forever. How long a conviction stays on your record will …