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Texas Felony Cases – The Law

Felony charges are serious business. There are so many varying rules, guidelines, and traps for the unwary in evaluating felony charges that less experienced lawyers often makes huge mistakes –ones that could result in a felony conviction on your record. Your best chance of avoiding a felony conviction is to hire an experienced, reputable Collin County and Dallas criminal defense attorney like Andrew Peveto to defend your felony case.

Felony Charges in Texas Texas Felony Confinement Texas Fine
State-Jail felony charges 180 days to 2 yrs State Jail $10,000 max.
Third Degree felony charges 2 to 10 yrs in prison $10,000 max.
Second Degree felony charges 2 to 20 yrs in prison $10,000 max.
First Degree felony charges 5 to 99 yrs or life in prison $10,000 max.
Capital felony charges death or life in prison 0

Texas Felony Lawyer

If you are facing Texas felony charges in the DFW area you need an experienced, local, and respected criminal defense attorney who has a proven track record defending cases involving drugsDWIassaulttheft, and other felony level charges.

At Peveto Law, we pride ourselves on achieving excellent results and favorable felony plea bargains, such as misdemeanor reductions, pretrial diversion, short deferred adjudication periods, low fines, and retention of expunction or nondisclosure eligibility. We have also had felony charges dismissed at the Grand Jury stage in addition to successfully defending felony cases at trial.

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