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If you are intoxicated, your best alternative to driving will be to ask a sober person to drive you or to call a cab to get you to your destination. Failing that, you should spend the night where you are. If, however, your intoxication trumps your common sense and you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, your next alternative will be to retain an experienced DWI lawyer to defend you when your case goes to trial.

Driving while intoxicated anywhere in Texas is a serious offense that can lead to large fines, jail or prison sentences, and loss of your driving privileges. The Dallas DWI lawyers at the Peveto Law Office always caution their clients not to operate a motor vehicle if they are impaired. When a client does not heed that advice, Peveto’s Dallas DWI attorneys work to manage and minimize DWI charges and any ensuing penalties.  

What are the Texas laws on operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated?

Texas DWI laws apply to alcohol inebriation, as well as impaired driving while under the influence of any intoxicating drugs. Texas prosecutors have significant discretion to bring DWI charges, for example, against a person who is suspected of driving while under the influence of marijuana, opiates, and other substances that interfere with the driver’s judgment and motor skills.

The penalties for DWI convictions vary with the number of DWI convictions that are on a driver’s records. A driver may be fined up to $2,000 for a first offense, $4,000 for a second offense, and up to $10,000 for a third offense. Even if a driver is not intoxicated, he or she may be fined up to $500 simply for having an open container of alcohol in his or her car. These fines are in addition to imprisonment and suspension of the driver’s license.

Given the severity of the potential penalties, a driver facing DWI charges should never go to court without the representation of a knowledgeable and experienced DWI lawyer, regardless of whether those charges are brought in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas.  

What defenses are available to Texas DWI charges?

The Dallas DWI attorneys at Peveto Law will use the facts of each case to develop defenses to DWI charges. Some of the more common defenses include:

  • the highway patrol officer did not have probable cause to stop a driver;
  • field sobriety or breathalyzer tests were not administered properly, or their results were inaccurate;
  • evidence of a driver’s impairment, particularly regarding blood samples, was mishandled;
  • the results of a blood alcohol test do not accurately reflect the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood at the time he or she was stopped (this is possible, for example, where a drive consumes alcohol shortly before getting into a car, and the alcohol was not absorbed until the test was taken).

If a driver’s DWI arrest was the result of substances other than alcohol, a Dallas DWI lawyer might be able to develop defenses of accidental or mistaken intoxication.

How else can an attorney be of assistance?

In every case, Texas drivers who are charged with DWI offenses have a right to legal representation, and the prosecutor always bears the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver was operating his or her vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. The Peveto Law DWI attorneys in Dallas can negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges if the evidence of a driver’s impairment is insubstantial. The firm’s DWI lawyers can also seek to eliminate certain charges when prosecutors bring multiple counts against a driver.

While it is true that you should never drive a motor vehicle while you are impaired, it is also true that your civil and legal rights will not be taken away solely because you have been charged with a DWI offense. Retain an experienced attorney to protect those rights.

The Peveto Law Office: Defense of DWI Charges in the DFW/Plano Region

The best DWI lawyer in Dallas will always be the attorney that connects with you and that takes time to understand the specific circumstances of your case. The attorneys in the Peveto Law Office treat each of their DWI clients with respect, and develop every DWI defense to be as strong as is possible in light of the facts of the case. Please see our website or call the Peveto Law Office for aggressive and professional legal representation when you are charged with a DWI offense.