Allen DWI Lawyer

Allen, Texas residents who face DWI charges need to consider both their immediate penalties and long-term repercussions. Allen DWI lawyer, Andrew Peveto has more than ten years of experience defending against Collin County drunk driving charges and employs the most effective defense strategies for each unique situation.

How DWI is charged in Texas

DWI is not a single charge; it is a category of charges. An Allen DWI attorney can help explain these complex issues. Some of the ways DWI can be charged include:

  • Based on the number of prior DWI convictions– even a first offense is treated severely but the consequences almost always increase for subsequent DWIs; regardless of whether the first or second offenses were considered misdemeanors or felonies, a third or more DWI offense must, under the Texas Penal Code, be charged as a felony.
  • Based on aggravating factors– certain actions can lead to enhanced charges and penalties, like driving with an open container or with a child passenger. Charges go up with blood alcohol concentration, drug impairment, or a combination of drug and alcohol impairment. These are referred to as aggravated DWI charges. Drug-related DWI charges can also include prescription drug use if it causes impairment while driving.
  • Based on the driver– if he/she commits a DWI offense while driving commercially, that can lead to special treatment. If the driver is under 21 years old, he can be charged with a DUI (a charge related to DWI for those under 21) under the state Zero Tolerance policy.
  • Based on damage caused – property damage, serious bodily injury, or death will impact the charges.

Defenses against DWI charges

Understanding how prosecutors charge DWI offenses is only the first step. It is also important to understand the legal process, effective defenses based on relevant laws, court procedures, and long-term strategies in order to obtain your best outcome. By working with a DWI attorney, Allen, TX residents can put this specialized knowledge to work for them.

Some of the ways DWI lawyers in Allen, TX, fight DWI charges include challenging the legality of the traffic stop or the arrest, showing flaws in the BAC or other testing, negotiating for reduced charges, or even finding flaws large enough that the prosecutor will dismiss the case entirely.

Selecting the best DWI lawyer in Allen, Texas for your case

Given the long-term implications of a DWI conviction or plea, it is important to get all the information you need to make an informed and strategic decision. You also need the benefit of a DWI lawyer who is educated not just on the law, but also on the practical and legal implications of your case. Make sure the attorney you choose has the skill, experience and has successfully represented clients in cases that are like yours.

DFW-area DWI attorney Andrew Peveto treats each case with serious attention because the outcome matters to the client. With over a decade of experience, Peveto Law provides competent and relentless representation in pursuit of the best possible results. Contact Peveto Law Office to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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