How Much Marijuana Is Possession With Intent to Distribute?

How much marijuana is considered possession with intent to distribute in Texas? There are no laws on the minimum weight. Unless law enforcement catches you in the act of selling marijuana, officers will typically look at circumstantial evidence when making an arrest.

Possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute is illegal in Texas. If convicted, offenders are facing felony charges, extensive jail time, and stiff fines of up to $100,000.

How do police officers decide if the marijuana was for personal use, or if there was an intent to distribute? The following factors come into play:

  • The quantity of marijuana on hand
  • If the marijuana is pre-packaged by weight
  • Drug paraphernalia including scales and plastic bags
  • If large sums of cash are found
  • If the offender was apprehended in a known hotspot for buying drugs
  • Cell phone messages to the offender about drug deals

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