What are the Consequences of Violating a Protective Order in Texas?

Those charged with violating a protective order will remain in jail until the bail hearing. At that time, the judge will determine whether the evidence indicates that you violated the order. If not, you will be released. If it does, you will stay in jail until trial and may be denied the right to post bail.

If convicted of a first-time violation– a Class A misdemeanor– at trial, a Dallas criminal defense attorney knows you can receive up to one year in jail and/or fined up to $4,000. Suppose your charge has been upgraded to a third-degree felony due to a prior conviction of violating a protective order– or you violated the conditions of a bond in a domestic violence case, by means of assault or stalking. In that case, you will face between two and ten years in prison if found guilty of this newest charge.

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