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Family assault or domestic violence charges in Texas can have serious and long-lasting effects on your relationships, reputation and ability to find employment. Safeguard your rights and freedom by reaching out to family assault defense lawyer Andrew Peveto in Plano, TX. Mr. Peveto will provide knowledgeable and experienced advocacy on your behalf to reduce or even eliminate the charges you are facing. Defend your rights at this critical juncture! Call family domestic violence lawyer Andrew Peveto today for a free case consultation.

What constitutes family violence under Texas law

A Texas prosecutor can charge someone with family violence if that person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused bodily injury or threatened to cause imminent bodily injury to one of his or her family members, to a person living in the same house, or to a current or past dating partner. This includes any physical contact that the perpetrator knows or reasonably understands to be physically provocative to the victim.

The breadth of this definition gives prosecutors substantial leeway to file family violence charges when an assault or threatened assault occurs between individuals who have a family, household, or dating relationship.

Why you should hire a family violence lawyer Plano trusts

Depending on the severity of the offense, if you are convicted of family assault in Texas you can be sentenced to jail or prison time from 1 to 99 years and be ordered to pay a fine of between $4,000 and $10,000. In addition, you may be barred from having any contact with your family. A conviction will also eliminate your right to carry a firearm, and can interfere with military service and employment prospects.

If you are charged with domestic assault, your best opportunity to minimize the severe consequences of those charges is to retain an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Plano who can provide the strongest defense to those charges.

What defenses are available to domestic violence charges

  • Self Defense. An inter-family argument is often two-sided. A domestic violence lawyer can argue that a defendant responded physically in order to defend himself or herself, or to protect another family member.
  • Absence of Testimony. A family member can elect to refrain from testifying against a defendant, leaving a prosecutor with scant evidence to prove the case. Texas prosecutors often rely on a “no drop” policy in which they continue to press charges even without a complaining witness, but witness testimony is often a crucial element of the prosecution.
  • Lack of Knowledge or Intention.  These defenses effectively attempt to show that the defendant did not intentionally initiate physical contact with the complainant.

An experienced family violence Plano lawyer will review the charges against you and will determine the best defenses available. In every case, a defendant should understand  that even if a domestic violence victim recants his or her story, only the prosecutor is authorized to drop the charges. Moreover, the domestic violence lawyer who represents the defendant cannot discuss those charges with the victim, and the victim should retain separate legal counsel as the case moves forward.

Family Assault Lawyer Plano, TX

Are you facing domestic violence charges in and around Plano? Call family violence lawyer Andrew Peveto today to make sure your rights are vigorously defended. Don’t leave these serious charges up to chance! Get a domestic violence Plano lawyer on your side who has a track record of success and who will go the extra mile to make sure your rights are fully represented.

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