Family Assault Lawyer McKinney

Family assault can happen anywhere, and so can false or inflated charges. When you are facing a charge for domestic violence, it is imperative to have skilled legal representation. When you need an experienced family assault lawyer, McKinney attorney Andrew Peveto is your best bet to minimize the negative consequences of a domestic violence accusation.

The importance of a family violence lawyer in McKinney

Criminal convictions and pleas, in general, can have a disabling effect on your life and impede your civil rights. However, crimes that are classified as family violence are treated more severely than the same accusations directed toward a non-family member. For example, an assault that causes bodily injury is typically a misdemeanor, but when the assault has a judicial finding of family violence, it constitutes a felony.

In addition to the fines and incarceration that are imposed by the court, there are uncountable non-judicial effects that can impede your life. Some of the often-overlooked things a domestic violence conviction can do include:

  • Put immigration status in jeopardy
  • Prevent you from legally owning a firearm
  • Limit your ability to gain child custody or exercise time-sharing
  • Lead to loss of security clearance or professional licensing
  • Require you to disclose a criminal record on job and housing applications
  • Prevent you from obtaining non-professional licenses such as fishing and hunting licenses

Speak with a domestic violence lawyer in McKinney to gain a full understanding of how a charge could impact your life. It is important to do this before entering any sort of plea in order to fully protect your rights.

Responding to family assault charges

Even when the accusations are false, deciding how to respond to domestic violence charges requires an understanding of how allegations are charged. Some of the factors include:

  • Degree of injury involved
  • Whether alleged assault involved a deadly weapon
  • Criminal history of the accused
  • Age of the alleged victim
  • Whether allegations include actions deemed more serious (i.e. choking)

Simply threatening violence against a member of one’s family can lead to a misdemeanor charge. Additional actions or circumstances can quickly elevate the charges to a felony. Before responding to charges of domestic violence, McKinney attorney Andrew Peveto is here to help you analyze your situation and determine the best course of action.

Responding to charges of family violence in McKinney

When facing many criminal charges, defendants mistakenly assume it is best to just enter a plea and pay a fine. However, in some situations, this can still lead to a conviction on your record and consequences that can last for decades.

When you work with a skilled McKinney family assault lawyer, you can make a more informed choice about how to respond. At Peveto Law Firm we understand when to fight the charges, and in some cases we can have the charges reduced or dropped entirely. This can remove a massive burden that impacts both today and the future.

If you are facing domestic violence charges in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, schedule a free and confidential consultation with a family domestic violence attorney at Peveto Law today.

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