Can I Get My Domestic Violence Charge Expunged After Deferred Adjudication?

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Texas, you might be tempted to resolve the matter by agreeing to deferred adjudication, which excuses you from incarceration and fines. That domestic violence charge, however, cannot be sealed or expunged after a deferred adjudication. Further, pursuant to Texas Government Code §411.074, you will not qualify for a non-disclosure order.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Peveto Law Offices in the Dallas-Forth Worth/Plano metropolitan region counsel clients charged with domestic violence to carefully consider all of the consequences of this. Your criminal record will not show a conviction, but it will show the charge and the deferred adjudication resolution. If you face subsequent charges for other crimes, it can also be used to enhance the charges and the resulting sentence.

Before accepting this– you should always confer with a Plano domestic violence lawyer to determine if you have valid defenses or better alternatives. The sole path to expungement of domestic violence cases is to get the charges dismissed or found not guilty of those charges.

The attorneys at the Peveto Law Offices represent clients in Plano and throughout Collin County who have been charged with domestic violence. Please see our website or call us before you agree to deferred adjudication of the domestic violence charges that have been brought against you.