24 October
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How to Check If You Have Traffic Tickets Online in Texas

Curious how to check if you have traffic tickets online in Texas? You have good reason to be. If your traffic tickets go unpaid long enough, the State of Texas could suspend your driver’s license or prevent you from renewing your license. Paying these tickets is important, but after time has passed, it can be challenging to keep track of them.

It is possible to look up traffic tickets online. Unfortunately, Texas is made up of a patchwork of legal jurisdictions. This can make it challenging to identify the right place to look for a citation, as some jurisdictions do not offer a simple online search to find outstanding traffic tickets. However, if you remember what law enforcement agency issued your ticket, you can track down your information without much trouble.

City or County Tickets

If you were stopped by a city police officer or county sheriff’s deputy, the process for finding and paying your ticket online can vary significantly. While some larger cities or counties make the process simple, some jurisdictions will not allow you to pay without appearing in person.

If you have a physical copy of your citation, it should provide a phone number for you to call. Each citation has a unique number, and the clerk can provide you with information, including how to make a payment or when your court date is scheduled for. If you do not have a copy of your citation, call the clerk of the court where your charge was filed for more information.

Texas Highway Patrol Tickets

The process for a Texas Highway Patrol citation is far more straightforward. The Highway Patrol provides a simple online form that allows you to search for any outstanding traffic tickets. To use this form, you must provide your name, driver’s license number, and date of birth. This will inform you of any outstanding citations. The database currently goes back to the previous 24 months.

Older Citations

If you have an older citation that you did not appear in court for, you can search for it in the state’s Failure to Appear Failure to Pay Program website. Using this online form, you can search for older traffic ticket information as well as any failure to appear charges you might face. To use it, you will only need to provide your date of birth and Texas driver’s license number.

Get Legal Help for your Traffic Ticket Problem

While it is important to deal with older traffic tickets as soon as possible, it is worth noting that you have the opportunity to fight new charges against you. With the help of a Texas traffic ticket lawyer, you might be able to prevail in your case and avoid the cost of a conviction entirely.

A skilled attorney can also come in handy if you have outstanding traffic ticket warrants. Your legal counsel can advise you on how to clear up a warrant in Dallas or Collin County as simply as possible. To learn more, contact the Peveto Law Office right away.