1 December
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Coronavirus Leads to Spike in Domestic Violence Charges in Dallas

Much of the country has reported increased incidents of domestic violence since the pandemic began, and Texas is no exception. Shelter-in-place orders intended to protect Dallas residents from contracting and spreading COVID-19 have had many unintended consequences, and an uptick in allegations of physical and sexual assault from intimate partners is one of them.

Reports of family violence rise 12.5 percent

Research conducted by the University of Texas at Dallas found a 12.5% increase in domestic violence incidents associated with local stay-at-home orders. The study, published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, evaluated the number of daily family violence incidents reported to the Dallas Police Department, starting 12 weeks prior to the shelter-in-place orders and 35 days after the government mandate was issued.

Once the shelter-in-place restrictions were loosened, the reports of domestic violence – including assaults against a current or previous partner, relatives, or members of the household gradually diminished.

The researchers concede that the pandemic lockdown may not be the sole cause of this surge in violent crimes in Dallas, citing layoffs, work furloughs, and other financial strains as possible triggers. Isolation, or being trapped at home with a potential abuser, is undoubtedly a big risk factor for many victims, whose access to social support services are also disrupted.

How Texas defines family domestic violence

You can be charged with domestic violence in Texas under a variety of circumstances, and these serious allegations can be challenging to investigate. Any evidence that you knowingly or intentionally caused harm or threatened to assault another can lead to a misdemeanor or felony offense. Unfortunately, there are countless Texans whose lives are undermined by false allegations of domestic violence.

False or trumped-up accusations can stem from many sources: bitter custody disputes, soured marriages, infidelity, economic hardships, and impending divorce. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have been accused of harming a partner or family member, you need to speak with a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas. A skilled defense attorney will listen to your story, conduct independent investigations, and then formulate a sound strategy to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Attorney Andrew Peveto appreciates the life-altering consequences of a domestic violence conviction, which can land you in prison and derail your professional, social, and personal life. The most important thing you can do after being charged with family violence is to seek knowledgeable legal representation as quickly as possible. Peveto Law will defend your rights and work tirelessly to have the charges reduced or eliminated.

Domestic violence defense lawyer

Andrew Peveto is a renowned Dallas criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to securing the best possible results for his clients. If you have been accused of family violence and are facing the possibility of jail time and a criminal record, you need legal counsel who is backed by numerous client recommendations and a proven track record of success. Protect your rights by reaching out to Peveto Law to arrange a free legal consultation.

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