28 October
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New Texas Laws Affect Restrictions on Purchase of Beer, Cold Meds, and Cigarettes

A large number of new laws passed this year have gone into effect in recent months. While some of these changes will improve convenience, others restrict the purchase of certain items. These changes impact the sale of craft beer, cold medicine, and cigarettes.

There are important restrictions on the purchase and use of these items. In some cases, violating these laws can lead to stiff consequences. An experienced defense attorney could help you deal with these charges immediately.

Beer-to-Go Laws

Since September of 2019, Texas state law has authorized beer-to-go sales at small and medium-sized breweries. For years, breweries in state were allowed to sell their bottled products in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. However, the state has always outlawed breweries from selling packaged beer to go directly from the brewery.

Breweries have long faced additional regulations compared to wineries or distilleries. The makers of wine and spirits are allowed to sell packaged beverages directly from their premises, but breweries are treated differently. Breweries were never granted an exception to this rule due to a political battle between breweries and beer distributors.

Thankfully, Texas has adopted new laws allowing beer-to-go sales at breweries. In fact, they will now be the only location for beer sales before noon across the state. There are limits on the total amount of beer that can be sold per brewer every year.

New Cold Medicine Restrictions

While the new beer-to-go laws have increased convenience for Texas consumers, recent restrictions on some cold medicines will only make things more complicated for some. Under a recent change in the law, Texans under the age of 18 are banned from purchasing dextromethorphan. This compound is the active ingredient in most over the counter cough suppressants. Many pharmacies have reported that they will card everyone that attempts to buy these products.

Increased Smoking Age

Finally, a new state law has increased the smoking age in Texas. While the discussion of the drinking age is a hot topic nationally, Texas has become one of the first states to raise its smoking age to 21. Now, anyone under 21 may no longer purchase tobacco products of any kind. There are a few important exceptions, however. Anyone on active military duty is not covered by the law. Additionally, anyone that had turned 18 prior to the implementation of the law would retain their ability to purchase tobacco products.

Contact an Attorney If You Face Criminal Charges in Texas

Because of these new changes in state law, you could find yourself in trouble if you are not careful to comply. People under 21, for instance, could face criminal charges for possessing tobacco or related products, and may wind up with an active warrant in Dallas or elsewhere in North Texas.

If you are facing theft or other criminal charges in the Plano area, do not hesitate to contact the Peveto Law Office as soon as you can. DWI defense lawyer Andrew Peveto has the experience and savvy to make sure your rights are fully represented if you are facing alcohol-related charges, such as minor possession, driving while drunk, and public intoxication. During your free consultation, our team can advise you of the severity of your case and work to help you avoid facing a conviction.

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